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Re: [Gcl-devel] asdf

From: Faré
Subject: Re: [Gcl-devel] asdf
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 11:15:02 -0500

Dear Camm,

thanks a lot for the support. I admit that when I first tried to get
your attention a few years back, I might not have done it right, but
anyway, here we are now.

> #'si::stat returns a list with car in '(:link :file :directory) or nil,
>    never resolving links
Excellent, this is exactly what I need.

>>   Also, GCL BUG: TRUENAME should return a FILE-ERROR, not just an ERROR.
> OK, I fixed some in truename, but if you find others, it would be
> helpful if you could supply the input triggering the wrong type of
> error.   I fixed delete-file for you a few cycles ago.
Thanks. I'll try again without workarounds.

>>   GCL BUG: compile-file fails to accept :EXTERNAL-FORMAT argument.
>>   I'll be working around it in uiop/lisp-build for now.
> OK, fixed now. Thanks!

> Please don't clutter your source with #+-gcl -- it is better if you
> write to, and gcl supplies, the common lisp standard, at least by the
> time we're done.
Yes. Therefore, while we're at it can you add support for ~i and ~_ in format?

>> * test-run-program.script
>> TEST ABORTED: Condition in SYSTEM:STRCAT [or a callee]:
>> requires less than sixty-seven arguments.
> Common lisp specifies an implementation should define a constant
> call-arguments-limit which is at least 50.  In GCL, it is 63.  So if you
> want to write common lisp code, you should not pass more than 49
> arguments or conditionalize on the 'call-arguments-limit constant.  The
> former is the recommended route, as its exceedling easy just to arrange
> your calls to pass a list, which is most often what the implementation
> will do for you anyway with so many arguments.
Agreed, but in this case, it is one of GCL's own internal functions
that generates such a call.

Backtrace:  > asdf-test::call-with-test > system:lambda-closure >
block > let > catch > let > asdf/cache:call-with-asdf-cache > load >
conditions::old-load > system:load1 > progn >
asdf-test::assert-compare-helper > multiple-value-call >
uiop/run-program:run-program > uiop/run-program::%use-system >
uiop/run-program::%call-with-program-io >
uiop/stream:call-with-temporary-file > uiop/utility:call-function >
#:before1062526 > lambda > uiop/run-program::%call-with-program-io >
uiop/stream:call-with-temporary-file > uiop/utility:call-function >
#:before1062926 > lambda > uiop/run-program::%call-with-program-io >
uiop/stream:call-with-temporary-file > uiop/utility:call-function >
#:before1062926 > uiop/stream:call-with-output-file > lambda >
uiop/run-program::call-stream-processor >
pcl::initial-dfun > pcl::make-checking-dfun > pcl::make-dispatch-dfun
> pcl::get-dispatch-function > pcl::get-secondary-dispatch-function1 >
pcl::get-secondary-dispatch-function2 >
pcl::compute-secondary-dispatch-function1 > pcl::get-function1 >
pcl::get-function-generator > pcl::get-new-function-generator >
pcl::compile-lambda > compiler::compile-file1 > compiler::t1expr >
compiler::t1defun > compiler::make-inline-string >
compiler::make-inline-arg-str > SYSTEM:STRCAT

I'll get back to you again after GCL is done recompiling itself and
testing ASDF.

—♯ƒ • François-René ÐVB Rideau •Reflection&Cybernethics• http://fare.tunes.org
Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.
                — Friedrich von Schiller

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