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Windows [ was Re: [Maxima-discuss] GCL Version_2_6_13pre125 ]

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Windows [ was Re: [Maxima-discuss] GCL Version_2_6_13pre125 ]
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2022 10:59:29 -0500
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I have followed your very helpful suggestion below, and restored the
mingw32 build in a virtualbox.

As 64bit seems required nowadays, I've gotten cygwin64 ready as well,
all up to well known and documented fork() failures which I have been
unable to resolve up to now (after trying all FAQ's, etc.)


1) Is it not perhaps the path of least resistance for a windows user to
simply run a virtual linux box for maxima?  mingw and cygwin both have
multiple stability problems.

2) In case you happen to know, when does Windows expire if not

2_6_13pre otherwise ready to go out the door.

Take care,

Wolfgang Dautermann <wolfgang@dautermann.at> writes:

> Am 08.11.22 um 22:59 schrieb Raymond Toy:
>> I have a Virtualbox on linux that has a macos system on it.  It
>> works well enough to build cmucl, which is what I use it for on
>> occasion.  You can download the binaries for the macos for free from
>> Apple's website.  I think you have to buy a windows disc if you want
>> to run windows.
> No, that is not necessary. One can download (and install) Windows ISO
> Images directly from Microsoft:
> https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows10ISO
> or
> https://www.microsoft.com/de-de/software-download/windows11
> You don't have to provide your name or email. Installation works
> without a 'product key' (on real PCs and in Virtualbox).
> I believe, the installation does expire after some time, if it is not
> 'activated', but in a virtual box one can just create a fresh 
> installation - for testing purposes (e.g. for my Maxima Windows
> installers) I regulary *want* a fresh installation.
> Best regards, Wolfgang
> @Camm: you got my mails (with some feedback and patches)?
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