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[Gcl-users] Greetings

From: rbc
Subject: [Gcl-users] Greetings
Date: Sun, 24 Jul 2022 18:00:16 -0700

I recently compiled and installed GCL version 2.6.13pre118 under Debian 11
as part of getting back into the Lisp community. It seems to work okay,
doing the small things that I'm doing. Looking at the gcl-users archive,
things look a little slow. I thought I'd add a little bit. I have a long
running fondness for the GNU project, and GCL is part of that.

I'm curious about the status of dbl. Are there any caveats about using it,
and which versions of emacs it works with? Debian Bullseye seems to suggest
emacs 24 in the Debian package for GCL 2.6.12. Mostly I hear about SLIME
these days. Has SLIME overtaken dbl as a UI for developing Lisp under GCL?
By the way, I've been away from Debian since the "Sarge" release. I
apologize for any naive questions. Thanks in advance for any remarks.



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