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Re: [gcmd-usr] is gnome-commander alive?

From: Micha
Subject: Re: [gcmd-usr] is gnome-commander alive?
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 01:46:30 +0200
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Magnus Stålnacke <address@hidden>:

> It is allredy there:
> "Rightclick context menus with the most usual file operations, plus 
> configurable "send-to" favorite applications."

ok. I've simply overseen this piece. To me it seems a little hard to
understand, too, for someone unfamiliar with gcmd. For example, send
what to where ? And file operations via context menu are standard
anyway, i would not mention this explicitly.  How about something like 
"The right-mouse context menu can easily be extended by entries calling 
external applications (like special viewers or custom shell
scripts) to process selected files or directories."  

> Do you have any suggestions to improve
> that text? Keep it short and sweet.

oh, well. :)

> I do remember that i have mailed him about this
> quite some time ago. But anyway, please spread
> the word your selves, it will be more efficient
> if more people do it, on their own initiative.

yes, ok

> This project needs some vitalisation to be able to
> go any further. But on the other side.. it is
> allredy a very good and quite bug-free filemanager
> that really works, so there is no immediate hurry imho.

bug free is not quite right, at least for 1.01

This crashes with some mount actions (i didn't track by now)
and also did hang sometimes when i copied large amounts of files at
once. Maybe a FAM issue, i don't know.
Also some minor but annoying issues, like you can't  create a new dir 
in a window frame by right-mouse menu where's no 'empty'  space left to
right click ?  Or the fact that i still don't understand the F5 copying
-- it's  not working like the mc analogon somehow (but should, IMHO) 
... and no safety prompt when moving or copying whole directories - this
is an important feature with drag and drop i believe ... and delete
actions don't get updated by FAM here ... and i can't save the dir
positions for next startup (which would be the easiest way to assign
start directories). I could probably add more. But all of this should be
easy to fix.


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