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[gcmd-usr] Join MPO now to earn dollar$$$!!!! Belive me!!!

From: MPO Member
Subject: [gcmd-usr] Join MPO now to earn dollar$$$!!!! Belive me!!!
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2005 16:05:02 +0200

Hi there,
    How are you? What keeps you busy these days? How much money do you earn 
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MPO thing` at first I laughed and did not believed it.. then I said to myself 
why wont I try it out besides 10$
is all I need to join this business thing they said. Then suddenly I invited my 
friends to join
with me. They are my first recruits, but then when I reached the required for 
members to be 
my enrollees I earned 1$ each person so it makes 4$ all of them. I then said 
the income is too small an I haven't reached the 10$ I invested it. So then I 
did not expect that they will act and
do the advertising I do. Since then they have more recruitments than I got I 
earn money and
reached the 10$ income I invested in it! So I was happy back then.. But thats 
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Thanks! Good Luck and God Bless you always! 

Ivy Cabahug

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