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[Gforge-commits] gforge/www/include/languages,1.167,1.168

From: kikov
Subject: [Gforge-commits] gforge/www/include/languages,1.167,1.168
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 13:47:12 -0500

Update of /cvsroot/gforge/gforge/www/include/languages
In directory

Modified Files: 
Log Message:
Add the three expresions for register.Fixes [#856]
-register choose_scm
-register one_scm
-register scm_not_selected

RCS file: /cvsroot/gforge/gforge/www/include/languages/,v
retrieving revision 1.167
retrieving revision 1.168
diff -u -d -r1.167 -r1.168
---    28 Jul 2004 17:54:56 -0000      1.167
+++    2 Aug 2004 18:47:10 -0000       1.168
@@ -1809,13 +1809,16 @@
 register       project_description     <h3>4. Project Public 
Description</h3><p>This is the description of your project which will be shown 
on the Project Summary page, in search results, etc. It should not be as 
comprehensive and formal as Project Purpose description (step 2), so feel free 
to use concise and catchy wording. Maximum length is 255 chars.
 register       project_full_name       <h3>1. Project full name</h3><p>You 
should start with specifying the name of your project. The "Full Name" is 
descriptive, and has no arbitrary restrictions (except a 40 character 
limit).</p>Full Name:<br/>
 register       project_information     Project Information
-register       project_license <h3>3. License</h3> 
+register       project_license <h3>3. License</h3>
 register       project_submitted       Your project has been submitted to the 
$1 administrators. Within 72 hours, you will receive notification of their 
decision and further instructions.</p><p>Thank you for choosing $1
 register       project_unix_name       <h3>5. Project Unix Name</h3><p>In 
addition to full project name, you will need to choose short,"Unix" name for 
your project.</p><p> The "Unix Name" has several restrictions because it is 
used in so many places around the site. They are:<ul><li>Cannot match the unix 
name of any other project<li>Must be between 3 and 15 characters in 
length<li>Must be in lower case<li>Can only contain characters, numbers, and 
dashes<li>Must be a valid unix username<li>Cannot match one of our reserved 
domains<li>Unix name will never change for this project</ul><p>Your unix name 
is important, however, because it will be used for many things, 
including:<ul><li>A web site at <tt>unixname.$1</tt><li>A CVS Repository root 
of <tt>/cvsroot/unixname</tt> at <tt>cvs.unixname.$1</tt><li>Shell access to 
<tt>unixname.$1</tt><li>Search engines throughout the site</ul><p>Unix 
 register       purpose_and_summarization       <h3>2. Project Purpose And 
Summarization</h3><p><strong></strong><p><strong> Please provide detailed, 
accurate description of your project and what $1 resources and in which way you 
plan to use. This description will be the basis for the approval or rejection 
of your project's hosting on $1, and later, to ensure that you are using the 
services in the intended way. This description will not be used as a public 
description of your project. It must be written in English.</strong>
 register       registration_complete   Registration complete
 register       title   New Project Registration
 register       unix_group_name_already_taken   Unix name already taken
+register       choose_scm      <h3>6. SCM</h3><p>You can choose among 
different SCM for your project, but just one. Please select the SCM system you 
want to use.</p> <p><strong>You will not be able to change it once the project 
is registered!</strong></p>
+register       one_scm As there exist just one SCM, then this will be selected 
automatically. <strong>$1</strong> will be selected.
+register       scm_not_selected        Site has SCM enabled, but no SCM was 
 register_complete      section New Project Registration
 register_complete      title   Registration Complete
 register_projectinfo   section New Project Registration

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