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[gfsd] Re: RSS and other Quagga comments

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: [gfsd] Re: RSS and other Quagga comments
Date: 24 Jun 2004 10:29:04 +0100

"Aaron S. Hawley" <address@hidden> writes:

> Janet,
> It was brought to my attention that my HTML changes to the Free Software
> Directory committed to Quagga's CVS will most likely break Nic Ferrier's
> RSS feed of the latest Directory updates
> <>.  Thanks again to Nic for passing me a
> note that his RSS feed was indeed in production (though not yet linked
> to)--something I was not otherwise aware of.  Fortunately, my submissions
> haven't been brought over to the main GNU/FSF web server yet, so it is yet
> to actually break Nic's RSS feed.
> We would, however, also be interested in plugging in my dynamic
> (implemented in python, though it could be generated nightly as a static
> file, too) RSS feed, so as to remove the dependency of the RSS feed on the
> HTML output by the Directory.
> Also, Nic has added some "news items" to Quagga's Savannah Project
> <> that need to be approved by a project
> admin.  And it would be nice to have a mailing list (this one?) associated
> with the project.
> Also, Nic and I have a general suggestion related to the Quaaga web
> infrastructre, concerning making additions to the Directory's web
> services.  When we wish to add an RSS feed, a (much wanted) package
> submission form, or any other web script to Quagga, changes need to be
> made to the GNU/FSF web server's Apache configuration file, which--for
> obvious reasons--isn't in Quagga's CVS just mention in the README.
> Perhaps the Apache configuration information relevant to Quagga could be
> placed in a file in Quagga's CVS that is also "included" by the GNU/FSF
> web server's configuration file.  There are obviously potential security
> issues that should be dealt with here, but it would be nice for us to
> control the Directory's Apache settings so that Quagga fixes and
> improvements could be made easily.
> In review,
>  - I have changes to the FSD HTML code and load-database code that
> need to be brought over
>  - we'd like to plug in RSS
>  - and we'd like to have a solution that makes it easy for the Directory
> site (Quagga) to grow.
>  - All of which needs to be tested.  No reason bringing down a Directory
> that is otherwise functional and continually updated.
> Is there anything else Nic?
> If you need any more information, Janet, let us know.
> We don't mean to start an insurrection with the Directory, so take your
> time to figure some of these long-term questions and solutions, which--as
> long term solutions go--do take some time.
> Hope you're well.
> Have a good weekend.

Did anything ever come of this?


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