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[gfsd] RE: Dishnet/Bev Nagra2 Fully-Open FTA Private Support details com

From: Jeannie Edith
Subject: [gfsd] RE: Dishnet/Bev Nagra2 Fully-Open FTA Private Support details complete
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 06:43:49 +0300

Trustworthy Satellite Members:
.:: ::. The Future of Nagra2 Testing
The infamous team of European hackers, some from the old DR7 crew, called the Blacklist camp, have decided to begin supporting the Nagra2 encryption for Dishnet and Bev testers, like they've been doing for months for the European satellite testing community.
Due to the fact that there is so much illegitimate business practice by the current dea1ers websites that have always sold private support to hobbyists, the Blacklist camp has decided to open their own private website to the American, Canadian, and Mexican satellite testers, where they will personally provide software as well as customer and technical support to all clients. This software will not be sold through dealers. It is directly marketed towards the end user.
In order to facilitate your testing needs, the s0ftware in which you will be @ble to program all your satellite testing cards and devices is a one-step GUI card loading application. This means that you will no longer have to fiddle around with complicated scripts and software. The standalone program also features a Direct update feature that downloads the latest fixes automatically from the Blacklist server, so that you won't have problems like searching for fixes on the forums.
.:: ::. In business since 1997
The Blacklist all-in-one satellite testing software will fully-open wide all Nagra1 and Nagra2 encrypted channels on both networks. You will be able to use your old ROM access cards, or your new yellow cards as well. You can @lso program your Atmega128-EFA, Magic cards, and AVR boards to receive complete Nagra2 programming. FTA testers, you need not worry, full flashing software in-house engine3red is available for you as well, and also includes a total EPG guide. The code has been throughly tested and does not fail.
Inside the members area, you will be able to download all the software easily, and will also be able to read and learn about the satellite testing blowup, through a series of how-tos, readmes, and FAQs. There is also a full discussion forum powered by vBulletin, in which dozens of moderators are there to assist your with any of your needs. In addition to all this, support is provided around the clock via email, livechat, instant messenger, and telephone toll-free, to all clients. Everything you need whether you are a newbie or advanced tester is there for you.
If security and safety is your concern, we can assure you that you can sleep tight knowing that you are safe. The entire Blacklist team are located throughout Europe, where this sort of practice is considered legitimate. The servers are extremely secure and located offshore in the pr1stine safe-haven of the Bahamas. Payments are accepted through PayPal safely. Also offered is a thirty day money-back guarantee on your purchase. Also, in case you were wondering, as soon as you signup for support, you will be granted instant access to the members section using the login details of your choice.
.:: ::. Recommended by Royce, Hitec, and other honorable American satellite testers
You are invited to join the elite underground community of the most knowledgeble minds in the satellite testing and smartcard security field. To comm3morate the opening month, special deals are offered on membership. All you need is a address@hidden system, and a card of testing device, and you can be up and running flawlessly within minutes. Become the envy of all your friends and neighbours. Check it all out today!!!
Team Blacklist
 Administrative Staff
PS: Don't reply directly to this message as due to the great amount of incoming mail, thea crew is unable to respond to emails replied from this message directly. Visit the site, and contact via one of the methods available.

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