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[gfsd] Do You Like Penny Stocks

From: Adan Corcoran
Subject: [gfsd] Do You Like Penny Stocks
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 18:10:08 -0000

IGAM Cuts Deal With Donald Trump Ring Tones And Mobile Content and Ed McMahon 
Dollar Madness

Company:  Interactive Games
Symb0l: I G A M
Last Price:  $0.28

Is this Sma1l Cap Fueled, on the Launching Pad and Ready for Liftoff? When Some 
of these 
small caps move, they really go, as you may know. It can be like strapping your 
to a rocket! Good Luck and Always Try to Time it Right...

About Interactive Games

Interactive G ames Inc., is a developer and licensor of interactive casin0 
technologies and 
mobile gaming applications. Interactive Ga mes has entered into license and 
agreements with Ed McMahon for the Interactive Games "Million Dollar Madness 
Class III 
S lot Machine," 9 Squared Inc. and other third-party manufacturers and 
distributors, in 
which the company has the right to market, sublicense and distribute gaming and 
entertainment products under the Interactive Games brand. (Source: News 2/1/06)

Recent News:

1)Interactive Games Inc. Signs Contract With Spectre Gaming for First Order of 
150 Amusement-With-Prize Games- 

2)Interactive Games Inc. Announces Licensing Agreement for Donald Trump Ring 
Tones and Mobile Content

Go Read the full stories on this one Now . . And Watch it Monday....

Information within this em  ail contains 4rward l0 0king statements within
the meaning of Section 27A of the Secu rities Act of nineteen thirty three and
Section 21B of the Securi ties Exch ange Act of nineteen thirty four. Any
statements that express or involve discussions with respect to predi ctions,
expec tations, beli efs, pla ns, projec tions, objec tives, goa ls, ass
umptions or future events or performance are not statements of historical
fact and may be 4rward 1o0king statements. Don't rely on them to make a 
As with many micr ocap st0c ks, today's com pany has disclosable material
items you need to consider in order to make an informed and intelligent
in_vest ment decision. These items include: a going concern opinion from its 
default on note payable, a subsidiary in bankruptcy,a negative net worth, an 
accumulated deficit, nominal cash, nominal revenues,large related party 
and all the assets of the co. are pledged under a debt obligationto a related 
Foreclosure could force the co. into bankruptcy. It is is going to need fin 
Read the Company's S E C Fili ngs now, right now, before you inve st.
None of the material within this report shall be construed as any kind of in 
advi ce or solicitat ion. Many of these small compa nies are on the verge of
bankr uptcy. You can lose all your m0ny by in-ves ting in this st0c k. In 
with the Securi ties Act of 19 33, Sec tion 17(b),The publi sher of this newsle 
is contracted to rece ive thirty  tho usand do 11ars from a th ird party, not an
offi cer, direc tor or affiliate shar-ehol der for the circu lation of this
rep ort. The party that pays us has a position in the st ock they intend to 
now. This could cause the stoc k to go down, resulting in los ses for you. All 
informa tion in this repo rt was gathered from public sources, including but 
not limited 
to Comp any Pre ss Releas es and Fili ngs.

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