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[gfsd] necessary Watch out for this one

From: Sammy Phelps
Subject: [gfsd] necessary Watch out for this one
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 03:54:37 -0000

banking-houses, he had come to be familiar with and favorably known inthe Bank 
of the United States, the Drexels, the Edwards, and others. The

Get Ready!! FCTOA continues!
Don't you challenge take your eyes off this morning.
When this St0ck moves... LOOK OUT!...

Stock symbol: FCTOA.OB
Company name: FACT CORP
Current cost: 0.76
1 year price increase: 500%
1 month price increase: 145%
5 day cost increase: 59%
This is a perfect stock sign to double or triple your investment. It is just a 
peace of cake for each investor.
Check the stock history on Nasdaq and you won't have any doubts about that 

Concerning FACT Corporation
FACT Company develops, licenses and markets proprietary nourishment solutions 
to money-making clients through its wholly-owned supplementary, Food & Culinary 
Knowledge Group Inc. ("FACT Group"). FACT Group serves commercial bakery 
operators that produce and distribute functional baked goods (such as muffins, 
bagels, cookies and brownies) intended for a rapidly-growing consumer 
marketplace paying attention on quality, taste and nutrition. These goods are 
marketed via both conventional and alternative allocation channels, together 
with branded and private-label retail chance, as well as foodservice and 
opportunities markets.

Buy it now cause tommorow the cost will be higher!

financially--what a State bank was and what a national one; what brokers

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