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[gfsd] Relax with Just imagine how wonderful your life would become with

From: Julian
Subject: [gfsd] Relax with Just imagine how wonderful your life would become with a bigger size and increased duration.
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 16:45:17 -0400

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 Let's face it, you always wanted it. And with this product you can finally get 
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 This is why it's important to pick one that is CARB or EPA compliant So if 
you're still working on that drag launch, don't expect to have the same 
quarter-mile times as The scan tool features can monitor a myriad of sensors 
individually as well as in a group  With the testing of all three cats out of 
the way, it was time to unplug the exhaust and let her rip No matter how you 
cut it, a cat is a restriction and costs power, right? With the moment of truth 
at hand, we bolted in our test pipe - eliminating the cat entirely But if 2NR 
says it's so, grab that extinguisher and be ready to put out some flames

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