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Re: gksu 1.1.0, new API

From: Gustavo Noronha Silva
Subject: Re: gksu 1.1.0, new API
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 16:36:17 -0200

Em Sat, 31 Jan 2004 12:24:44 +0100, Filip Van Raemdonck <address@hidden> 

> Hi all,


> How about daily cvs snapshots until the API has cleared out? That way
> people won't be tempted even to try and port their apps to a development
> release, unless they're serious about checking out the API. (And realize
> that it *will* change and eat their mail. Or something. ;)

Good idea! I will take a look at this (I actually wrote the script, now will set
up a directory to put the stuff on, etc).

> > http://beterraba.no-ip.org/gksu/
> Seems to be down ATM?

Indeed... that's my laptop, I'm going to put the cvs snapshots on
my people.debian.org place, though, I think.

> One thing which seemed odd to me in libgksu 1.0.0 was that it didn't want
> in-out arguments for the argv/argc parameters, contrary to gtk_init. Why
> was this so?

oh, well, that init stuff was really not really well thought.

> > - create a libgksu-common package with the translations and images
> >   (added Thu Jan 29 12:48:08 2004, incomplete, priority high)
> Why the images? Libgksu will need them, so it'll always have to depend on
> libgksu-common, and it makes no sense to split anything out in that case.
> As for the translations, they could be lived without.

hmmm, on a second thought, this would not really fix the problem, I think.

Problem is the location of the images... the default window icon, mainly,
has a namespace problem that won't let me have libgksu1 and libgksu0 
installed at the same time. I see two options: moving the image to a
'versioned' directory or to a different package (but that would not help
other than Debian stuff, so I think the first one is best).

> Also, I prefer libgksu-data. But that's just me :p

Yeah, if that's done, I guess that's a better package name =).


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