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gksu agressive against accessibility

From: <:::.. Teresa_II ..:::>
Subject: gksu agressive against accessibility
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 17:24:30 +0200


i find gksu very usefull application mostly used on every day jobs like
update my system or so.
Now i tryed linux on my tabletpc. There is no keyboard. So i use on
screen keyboard like gok, or xvkbd.
Now i have problem with gksu, if gksu starts it block all other windows
on my WM(metacity), i cant use my IDE anymore. I must click to cancel,
because without on screen keyboard i cannt type my root password to gksu
input widget.
Is there any sollution ? Should be this "blocking whole desktop" not
changed ? What reason is for make gksu such agressive application to
just ask root password and not do let user do other tasks in this time ?

Teresa Kalitowka

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