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Re: gksu agressive against accessibility

From: <:::.. Teresa_II ..:::>
Subject: Re: gksu agressive against accessibility
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 20:43:12 +0200

У Птн, 2005-04-22 у 13:44 -0300, Leandro A. F. Pereira пише:

> >Is there any sollution ? Should be this "blocking whole desktop" not
> >changed ? What reason is for make gksu such agressive application to
> >just ask root password and not do let user do other tasks in this time ?  

> This is done for security; this way no other application may receive 
> keyboard events -- and log your keystrokes. I guess this can't be 
> disabled unless you hack gksu's code.

Its cant be real ? So we close whole system, because this...
And what is, if somebody start "keyboard buffer listener" to capture
password befor gksu ?
Anyway, i need some way how you can use gksu with on screen keyboards.

Teresa Kalitowska

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