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Re: Gnome keyring support

From: Gustavo Noronha Silva
Subject: Re: Gnome keyring support
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 13:05:38 -0300


So I finally found the time to integrate the GNOME Keyring functionality
into gksu's svn. I branched gksu, libgksu and libgksuui so that we can
start working on new stuff.

Em Ter, 2005-05-17 às 00:02 -0300, Gustavo Noronha Silva escreveu:
> > The command will save your password on the default keyring, which may
> > not be the best idea. The keyring that is used for storing system
> > passwords should be configured from gksu.conf.
> This sounds easy enough.

I did not mess around with this as of yet. I still need to understand a
bit more about differente keyrings. Who creates them? Should they be
selectable in a per user basis?

> I've been thinking about how to best integrate this functionality in
> gksu. I believe this should really go inside libgksu instead of gksu the
> app. It would be good that this functionality is automatically available
> to anyone using the library.

That's what I did. I added a new API public function which is called
gksu_context_try_need_password. It will serve other purposes like
checking if the user will not be asked for a password because he's on
the wheel group, for example. This still needs some study.

Right now this function will call another one which queries
gnome-keyring for the password and returns FALSE in case it gets the
password, telling its caller that asking for a password is not required.

Then, if calling the command suceeds it will store the password in the
gnome keyring. It's only working for su right now and is basically your
patch integrated in another way. It's already in SVN, so you may want to
take a look.

In my initial testing everything works. I still need to change the gksu
app to actually use this new functionality, but it looks good =).


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