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Polish translation of gksu, libgksu and libgksuui

From: Wiktor Wandachowicz
Subject: Polish translation of gksu, libgksu and libgksuui
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 16:17:58 +0200

Here I send the updated Polish translations for:
* gksu-1.3.7
* libgksu-1.3.7
* libgksuui-1.0.7

Translations are in two forms:
* as a patch for each respective project
* as the regular files which can replace the original files

All in one tarball, nicely sliced into directories.

Additionally, current translations always can be found in the
Wiki of Polish GNOME Translation Team: http://www.gnomepl.org

Respective pages are:

I'd like to ask you one more thing. While testing the resulting
translation I've found one situation when the window asking for the
password was translated only in 95%. And exactly one string,
namely "Password: " was always displayed in original (English).
This was odd, because I was positively sure that this string
was translated correctly. However, that resulted in an unaesthetic
situation: almost all messages translated and one big "Password: "
in the center of the window...

Eventually I've found that this is due to the way how libgksuui
interacts with the login tty. So in fact this "Password: " string was
coming from the tty, and not from the libgksuui's missing translation.

I've created a small patch against libgksu/gksu-context.c file, based
on the fact that exactly the same string is already translated in the
libgksuui's .po files. It works this way:
- compares the string buffer read from the tty with the constant
  "Password: " string
- if the strings match, buffer is replaced with the translated string
- finally 'ask_pass' function is called with the resulting prompt

The patch is in the patches/libgksu1.2-1.3.7-localized-prompt.patch file.
Please review it and if you find it useful, please apply. With this patch the
gksu combo is "complete" - so all messages displayed on the screen
are properly translated.

With kind regards,
Wiktor Wandachowicz

Registered Linux user #390131 (http://counter.li.org)

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