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Localized prompt for libgksu-1.9.8 [patch]

From: Wiktor Wandachowicz
Subject: Localized prompt for libgksu-1.9.8 [patch]
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 00:18:59 +0200

Hello gksu-devel subscribers!

I'd like to bring up one specific problem. Given the recent changes
in gksu + libgksu2 combo there is a small inconsistency in the
window asking for the password, from the translator's point of view.
In the English version of said window [1] everything is correct. But
in every other language, be it Polish [2] or Brazilian Portuguese [3]
one string is never translated, namely "Password: ".

This is inconsistent with the window displayed for example, when
connecting from within Nautilus to a remote server through the
SSH protocol. Just type this into Nautilus' location bar (Ctrl+L):

(remember to substitute a correct user name and a real server)

and compare the two windows. They are pretty much similar, and
for a good reason. But the one displayed by gksu contains one
untranslated string (Password) while in the Nautilus' window it is
translated correctly.

I've created a small patch [4] with the intention to reuse the translation
of "Password: " string in the problematic password window. This patch
applies against libgksu-1.9.2 and 1.9.8 (I tested it only in these two
versions) and it should be applicable against trunk as well. It is based
on the previous patch [5] created against older version of libgksu, which
has not been considered into inclusion.

Since I provided two patches, please review them and consider applying
(at least the newer one) to the libgksu source code.

With best regards,
Wiktor Wandachowicz

[1] http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/libgksu/gksu-en_US.png
[2] http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/libgksu/gksu-pl_PL.png
[3] http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/libgksu/gksu-pt_BR.png

[4] http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/libgksu/libgksu-1.9.8-localized-prompt.patch
[5] http://ics.p.lodz.pl/~wiktorw/gksu/libgksu1.2-1.3.7-localized-prompt.patch

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