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Russian localization for libgksu and gksu and series of patches related

From: Bogdan \"aix27249\" Kokorev
Subject: Russian localization for libgksu and gksu and series of patches related to locale
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 15:23:44 +0400
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 Hi guys,
I'm a maintainer of libgksu and gksu in AgiliaLinux, it is a russian distro, and discovered that libgksu and gksu does not have any russian localization, so we wrote it. Both .po files (gksu-ru.po and libgksu-ru.po) are attached.

In addition, I had experienced a couple of problems:

1. Localization wasn't installed via make install, nor compiled to .mo files. I've added a workaround to my build scripts, but it will be better to have it via standard procedures. I attached an ABUILDs (a shell scripts used as a specs in our build system) for both components, may be you find it useful.

2. Any program that runs via either gksu -l or gksu is launched without any locale, so it displays english interface. Patches for libgksu and gksu attached (maybe also a dirty hacks, but I didn't found any other way to preserve locale). 3. Our distro uses /usr/lib64 on x86_64 architecture, but libgksu had an hardcoded path to gksu-run-helper. As a workaround I applied a patch in case of x86_64 arch, which changes one path to another. It works, but it is a dirty hack, and it will be very good if it will respect --libdir key from ./configure.

If you need any additional info, feel free to contact me.


Best regards,
Bogdan "aix27249" Kokorev
AgiliaLinux development team

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