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[Gluster-devel] Re: [List-hacking] GlusterFS 1.0-rc2

From: Hitesh Chellani
Subject: [Gluster-devel] Re: [List-hacking] GlusterFS 1.0-rc2
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 22:34:31 -0800
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Hi Guys.....Good Job!

I shall now spread the work amongst key partners / potential customers that FS is here, have no fear, have a beer!!!!!!

Gosh, I put W B Yeats to shame!

Too late in the night for me, over & out!


Hitesh Chellani
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Amar S. Tumballi wrote:
 Gluster Core team is happy to announce the release of GlusterFS v1.0-rc2.

The tarball is available at

GlusterFS 1.0-rc2 Release Notes:
Focus of this release has been mainly on performance (phase-I) and
scalability. Most notable improvement is the asynchronous communication framework to allow fine-grained parallelism.

This release includes:
* 1.x release uses a new asynchronous communication framework to allow fine-grained parallelism.
* New 'write-back' translator.
* GlusterFS now controls the flow and main loop by getting rid of fuse stack and only use the low-level fuse interface for binding to VFS. This also removes a great number of unwanted getattr lookups,
thereby improving speed.
* Transport interface is separated out of protocol code and is now
loadable module.
* Simplified glusterfsd server startup arguments.

Few weeks from now you will find 2 more releases which will introduce massive performance boot with the following modules: ib-verbs transport driver (Infiniband low level RDMA), ld-preload GlusterFS client (direct interface, no context switches), scalable locking support, Vector-I/O (zero copying) and extensive POSIX compliance testing.

Gluster Core Team

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