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RE: [Gluster-devel] LOOKUP conflict => OPEN fails_

From: Dongmin Yu
Subject: RE: [Gluster-devel] LOOKUP conflict => OPEN fails_
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 08:51:17 +0000



I think Im getting similar problem at 3.0.3. My configuration is 2 distributions and replication for each distribution. (2x2)

And I turned off all the performance options on both client and server to check if caching cause this issue.


My test were creating and deleting a same files through TCP client.

Creating and deleting itself worked fine, as the file was created and deleted on a distributed volume and its replica correctly.

But even when the file existed and readdir said the file was there, I was not able to access the file(got NOENT) once every two trials.


[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:2932:libgf_client_opendir] libglusterfsclient: opendir: path /t/test1201/m, status 0, errno 117

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4394:glusterfs_readdir] libglusterfsclient: offset 0

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4412:glusterfs_readdir] libglusterfsclient: new offset 8, entry .

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4394:glusterfs_readdir] libglusterfsclient: offset 8

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4412:glusterfs_readdir] libglusterfsclient: new offset 12, entry ..

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4394:glusterfs_readdir] libglusterfsclient: offset 12

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4412:glusterfs_readdir] libglusterfsclient: new offset 1024, entry

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4394:glusterfs_readdir] libglusterfsclient: offset 1024

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4400:glusterfs_readdir] libglusterfsclient: readdir failed: Success

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4971:glusterfs_stat] libglusterfsclient: path /hs2/t/test1201/m/

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:1643:_libgf_vmp_search_entry] libglusterfsclient: VMP Search: path /hs2/t/test1201/m/, type: LongestPrefix

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:1730:libgf_vmp_search_entry] libglusterfsclient: VMP Entry found: path :/hs2/t/test1201/m/m vmp: /hs2/

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:898:libgf_resolve_path_light] libglusterfsclient: Path: /t/test1201/m/, Resolved Path: /t/test1201/m/

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4892:__glusterfs_stat] libglusterfsclient: path /t/test1201/m/, op: 2

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient-dentry.c:390:libgf_client_path_lookup] libglusterfsclient: resolved path(/t/test1201/m/ to 1466437/1462232

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [dht-common.c:976:dht_attr_cbk] distribute: subvolume replicate01 returned -1 (No such file or directory)

[2010-04-14 03:28:12] D [libglusterfsclient.c:4822:libgf_client_stat] libglusterfsclient: path /t/test1201/m/, status -1, errno 2




DongMin Yu


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From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Raghavendra G
Sent: Thursday, February 11, 2010 2:49 AM
To: =SMTP:address@hidden
Cc: =SMTP:address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Gluster-devel] LOOKUP conflict => OPEN fails_


Sorry, No need of logfiles. I saw this mail first and then other mails, hence the confusion :).

On Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 8:56 PM, Raghavendra G <address@hidden> wrote:

Hi Fredrik,

Can you please send complete log files of client and server?


On Mon, Feb 8, 2010 at 6:02 PM, Fredrik Widlund <address@hidden> wrote:




I’m running a simple AFR setup, thouch currently with only one backend, and 2 tcp clients. Version is 3.0.0 from jan 20.


Basically one client is writing a large number of files, continuously, and the other client is reading.


I have a growing problem with lookup “conflicts”, resulting in files being listed in directories but where reads are returning “-1 (No such file…”.


Restarting the client does not solve the conflict, but restarting the server does and the files becomes available again.


The filesystem is a 5TB XFS hw raid-5 with around 150k files.


Debug trace of client:

[2010-02-08 13:39:29] N [trace.c:148:trace_open_cbk] replicated: 3073: (op_ret=0, op_errno=117, *fd=0x129a430)

[2010-02-08 13:39:37] N [trace.c:1837:trace_open] replicated: 3094: (loc {path=/download/90910/live/webb1/webb1/Layer3/prog_index.m3u8, ino=5042185}, flags=32768, fd=0x1296fc0, wbflags=0)

[2010-02-08 13:39:37] N [trace.c:148:trace_open_cbk] replicated: 3094: (op_ret=-1, op_errno=2, *fd=0x1296fc0)

[2010-02-08 13:39:37] W [fuse-bridge.c:858:fuse_fd_cbk] glusterfs-fuse: 3094: OPEN() /download/90910/live/webb1/webb1/Layer3/prog_index.m3u8 => -1 (No such file or directory)

[2010-02-08 13:39:38] N [trace.c:1837:trace_open] replicated: 3100: (loc {path=/download/90910/live/webb1/webb1/Layer4/prog_index.m3u8, ino=5013773}, flags=32768, fd=0x1296fc0, wbflags=0)

[2010-02-08 13:39:38] N [trace.c:148:trace_open_cbk] replicated: 3100: (op_ret=0, op_errno=117, *fd=0x1296fc0)

[2010-02-08 13:39:38] N [trace.c:1837:trace_open] replicated: 3106: (loc {path=/download/90910/live/webb1/webb1/Layer4/Period1/segment277.ts, ino=5050371}, flags=32768, fd=0x129a430, wbflags=0)



And server:

[2010-02-08 13:39:09] D [dict.c:303:dict_get] dict: @this=(nil) @key=0x7fedee4e43f3

[2010-02-08 13:39:09] D [dict.c:303:dict_get] dict: @this=(nil) @key=0x7fedee4e440b

[2010-02-08 13:39:17] D [server-protocol.c:2037:server_open_cbk] server: 1719: OPEN (null) (0) ==> -1 (No such file or directory)

[2010-02-08 13:39:18] D [server-protocol.c:2037:server_open_cbk] server: 1724: OPEN (null) (0) ==> -1 (No such file or directory)

[2010-02-08 13:39:28] D [server-resolve.c:238:resolve_path_deep] store0: RESOLVE OPEN() seeking deep resolution of /download/90910/live/webb1/webb1/Layer3/prog_index.m3u8

[2010-02-08 13:39:28] D [dict.c:303:dict_get] dict: @this=(nil) @key=0x7fedee4e43db

[2010-02-08 13:39:28] D [dict.c:303:dict_get] dict: @this=(nil) @key=0x7fedee4e43f3

[2010-02-08 13:39:28] D [dict.c:303:dict_get] dict: @this=(nil) @key=0x7fedee4e440b

[2010-02-08 13:39:28] D [dict.c:303:dict_get] dict: @this=(nil) @key=0x7fedee4e43db



Kind regards,

Fredrik Widlund




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