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Re: [Gluster-devel] gluster-volgen - syntax for mirroring/distributing a

From: Jimmy Tang
Subject: Re: [Gluster-devel] gluster-volgen - syntax for mirroring/distributing across 6 nodes
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 15:38:06 +0100
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On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 01:44:46PM -0500, phil cryer wrote:
> Working on a configuration to run Glusterfs with 6 nodes, ever other
> one mirrored, with everything distributed across.  So:
> 01 | 02 mirrored --|
> 03 | 04 mirrored --| distributed
> 05 | 06 mirrored --|
> 1) Would this command work for that?
> glusterfs-volgen --name repstore1 --raid 1 clustr-01:/mnt/data01
> clustr-02:/mnt/data01 --raid 1 clustr-03:/mnt/data01
> clustr-04:/mnt/data01 --raid 1 clustr-05:/mnt/data01
> clustr-06:/mnt/data01
> So the 'repstore1' is the distributed part, and within that are 3 sets
> of mirrored nodes.
> 2) Then, since we're running 24 drives in JBOD mode, so we've got
> mounts from /mnt/data01 - /mnt/data24.  Is there a way to write this
> in shorthand, because the last time I generated a config across 3 of
> these hosts, the command looked like this:
> glusterfs-volgen --name store123 clustr-01:/mnt/data01
> clustr-02:/mnt/data01 clustr-03:/mnt/data01 clustr-01:/mnt/data02
> clustr-02:/mnt/data02 clustr-03:/mnt/data02 clustr-01:/mnt/data03
> clustr-02:/mnt/data03 clustr-03:/mnt/data03 clustr-01:/mnt/data04
> clustr-02:/mnt/data04 clustr-03:/mnt/data04 clustr-01:/mnt/data05
> clustr-02:/mnt/data05 clustr-03:/mnt/data05 clustr-01:/mnt/data06
> clustr-02:/mnt/data06 clustr-03:/mnt/data06 clustr-01:/mnt/data07
> clustr-02:/mnt/data07 clustr-03:/mnt/data07 clustr-01:/mnt/data08
> clustr-02:/mnt/data08 clustr-03:/mnt/data08 clustr-01:/mnt/data09
> clustr-02:/mnt/data09 clustr-03:/mnt/data09 clustr-01:/mnt/data10
> clustr-02:/mnt/data10 clustr-03:/mnt/data10 clustr-01:/mnt/data11
> clustr-02:/mnt/data11 clustr-03:/mnt/data11 clustr-01:/mnt/data12
> clustr-02:/mnt/data12 clustr-03:/mnt/data12 clustr-01:/mnt/data13
> clustr-02:/mnt/data13 clustr-03:/mnt/data13 clustr-01:/mnt/data14
> clustr-02:/mnt/data14 clustr-03:/mnt/data14 clustr-01:/mnt/data15
> clustr-02:/mnt/data15 clustr-03:/mnt/data15 clustr-01:/mnt/data16
> clustr-02:/mnt/data16 clustr-03:/mnt/data16 clustr-01:/mnt/data17
> clustr-02:/mnt/data17 clustr-03:/mnt/data17 clustr-01:/mnt/data18
> clustr-02:/mnt/data18 clustr-03:/mnt/data18 clustr-01:/mnt/data19
> clustr-02:/mnt/data19 clustr-03:/mnt/data19 clustr-01:/mnt/data20
> clustr-02:/mnt/data20 clustr-03:/mnt/data20 clustr-01:/mnt/data21
> clustr-02:/mnt/data21 clustr-03:/mnt/data21 clustr-01:/mnt/data22
> clustr-02:/mnt/data22 clustr-03:/mnt/data22 clustr-01:/mnt/data23
> clustr-02:/mnt/data23 clustr-03:/mnt/data23 clustr-01:/mnt/data24
> clustr-02:/mnt/data24 clustr-03:/mnt/data24
> Thanks
> P
> -- 

I've been playing with glusterfs 3.0.4 as well (I havent looked at it
since v1.3.x). I was just thinking about setting up a similar type of
system that you are proposing (for test purposes). a short hand syntax
would be nice, especially when one needs to configure up jbods that
dont let you created big volumes.

glusterfs-volgen is pretty nice already for spitting out a
configuration. I was just wondering if there are plans to add support
for extending existing configurations, such that the administrator
does not need to manually edit the config files if he/she wishes to
add more storage units. Also is there any up to date documentation on
how to grow an existing glusterfs raid0/raid1 system?


Jimmy Tang
Trinity Centre for High Performance Computing,
Lloyd Building, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2, Ireland.

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