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[Gluster-devel] Re-exporting NFS to vmware

From: 沈允中
Subject: [Gluster-devel] Re-exporting NFS to vmware
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 10:20:54 +0800

Hi All

I wanted to use GlusterFS as a share storage to connect with vmware.

But the nfs protocol had a poor performance when the scalability got larger.(I have 20 servers as a GlusterFS)

So I figured out a way when I saw the wiki of Ceph


I think that I can add a middle-converter between vmware and GlusterFS.

It can connect with vmware by nfs and mount GlusterFS by glusterfs.

Here is the architecture I thought.......

And then I had a problem. The middle-tier is OK to connect with GlusterFS by glusterfs protocol.

But the errors happened when vmware connects with middle-tier by nfs protocol.

The vmware cannot mount middle-tier by nfs at the first time.

Even if vmware can mount the middle-tier by nfs, it cannot see the data in the GlusterFS.

It can only see the data(directory) in the middle-tier


Does anyone have the same problem as I ?

How do you solve this thorny problem?

Thanks in advance.


Best Regards,

Sylar Shen

Broadband Network Laboratory

TEL:+886 3 424-4698

Mobile:+886 928567022



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