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Re: SV: [Gluster-devel] Re-exporting NFS to vmware

From: Gordan Bobic
Subject: Re: SV: [Gluster-devel] Re-exporting NFS to vmware
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2011 17:00:06 +0000
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Fredrik Widlund wrote:
If you're re-exporting a gluster filesystem, the re-exporting node will act as a proxy. As a concept this is fairly natural, and in itself it shouldn't be a problem.

It's natural, but Sylar was saying it's inefficient - which it is, because you end up hammering one node for all the files, including the ones that aren't on it.

And I did say that it is possible to re-export a FUSE filesystem, not impossible.

IIRC it required fuse patches that weren't in the mainline, and when I tried it, it caused reliability problems and some corruption issues that went away when I switched to unfsd. Unless I missed something recently, I don't think the stance on kernel nfs exporting fuse file systems has changed, but I'd love to hear otherwise.


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