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Re: [Gluster-devel] Node replaced by another machine

From: Emmanuel Dreyfus
Subject: Re: [Gluster-devel] Node replaced by another machine
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 06:16:19 +0100
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Emmanuel Dreyfus <address@hidden> wrote:

> Looking at FUSE exchanges, I can see that after machine2 replaced the
> node, machine1 gets the new inode number using READDIR, but the inode
> number returned by LOOKUP is the one for the deleted node. The only way
> to work it around is to unmount and remount the filesystem.

Below is a change that seems to fix the issue. I was figuring if this could
not have nasty side effects and then I had the idea to check latest code in
git: the exact same fix is already there. 

Are there related changes that should be bundled with that one in order to
have the thing working properly?

--- xlators/protocol/client/src/client3_1-fops.c.orig 
+++ xlators/protocol/client/src/client3_1-fops.c
@@ -2210,9 +2210,11 @@
         if ((!uuid_is_null (inode->gfid))
             && (uuid_compare (stbuf.ia_gfid, inode->gfid) != 0)) {
                gf_log (frame->this->name, GF_LOG_WARNING,
                        "gfid changed for %s", local->loc.path);
-               memcpy(&stbuf.ia_gfid, &inode->gfid, sizeof(inode->gfid));
+               rsp.op_ret = -1;
+               op_errno = ESTALE;
+               goto out;
         rsp.op_ret = 0;

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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