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Re: [Gluster-devel] inodes and AFR

From: Emmanuel Dreyfus
Subject: Re: [Gluster-devel] inodes and AFR
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 06:04:19 +0100
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Anand Avati <address@hidden> wrote:

> Yes, that was the very intention of making the inode number a
> derivation of the GFID instead of the backend inode number, so that
> brick addition/replacement does not impact its stability.

I tested it and it does not work as expected on 3.2.5. add-brick and
rebalance migrate-data do change inode numbers.

Inode numbers, at the beginnig
/pfs    1
/pfs/manu       12472916913858460615
/pfs/manu/openssl-0.9.8o.tar    12709833430099732973

After add-brick, everything changed:
/pfs    1
/pfs/manu       6499089754007369614
/pfs/manu/openssl-0.9.8o.tar    6972922786489914330 

After rebalance fix-layout (nothing changed)
/pfs    1
/pfs/manu       6499089754007369614
/pfs/manu/openssl-0.9.8o.tar    6972922786489914330

After rebalance migrate-data (file changed but not directory)
/pfs    1
/pfs/manu       6499089754007369614
/pfs/manu/openssl-0.9.8o.tar    4597243647138552351
Emmanuel Dreyfus

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