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[gmone-dev] Attention, terrific growth!

From: croix
Subject: [gmone-dev] Attention, terrific growth!
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 13:25:35 +0200

Thought about giving up t r a ding yesterday? What you needed to cheer up was this piece of advice! Read further and forget the taste of disappointment.
Accept this as a trading alert. Make use of this stock now, I see lots of signs that itÂ’s about to boom.
We have been keeping you posted on R REF for the last
few days.We have watch ed the p rice steadily climb up and down
it is really beginning to get inv estors excited as their
hopes begin to become a reality.

Its not to late. R REF is still at a good pri ce to get in
at just $0.75.

Get all the cream from this stock before it gets too popular with other traders!
I know what having financial burdens feel like. Chances are you know too, and I wish to forget these as soon as possible. Have a lucky day and keep that luck then on!

We are expecting big news release tomorrow, that will
make the pric e Explo de!

Jump in with RR EF on Fri Morning and see just how
big your returns will be before the the pric e reaches the top.

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