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[Gnash] Not Quite Installing

From: Michael Carlson
Subject: [Gnash] Not Quite Installing
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 23:25:10 +0800

Today I downloaded gnash CVS, and did the typical -> configure -> make -> sudo make install. However, I can't run it because it seems "" is missing. It turns out that when I make install, I get several messages on stderr relating to several files that are not installed, with messages like:

libtool: install: warning: `../server/' has not been installed in `/usr/local/lib'

All the files mentioned that it doesn't install are .la files.

This might be a problem with my system (Debian Sid), but I've compiled quite a few programs from CVS on this same system, and I've never seen this problem before. I can copy all the .so files over myself (it seems they compiled fine), I just wanted to know if I should file a bug, if there's an easy way to fix this, or what. Any ideas?

- Michael

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