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[Gnash] MX components, antialiasing with openGL

From: Jacques Guillou
Subject: [Gnash] MX components, antialiasing with openGL
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2007 14:21:59 +0100


I'm currently doing some investigation on Gnash 0.7.2 (linux) to see whether it would be a good choice for the embedded system (x86 based) we are working on.
After a few tests, I have realized that it fails to render some of our SWF files correctly. When activating the traces (-vp) I can notice that some classes are not found :
14:01:52: ERROR: find_target("") failed
14:01:52: ERROR: find_target("mx.skins.halo") failed
14:01:52: ERROR: find_target("mx.core.ext") failed
14:01:52: ERROR: find_target(" mx.core") failed

I've tried to export my files for flash 6 and also flash 7 but both solutions fail.

Does it means it's not possible to use any MX component with the current version of Gnash ?
Is there a way to embbed these classes into the SWF (an export setting of the Flash IDE) ?
Which export settings of flash produce the most Gnash compatible SWF ?

The openGL rendering is really fast (which is exactly why we are interested in that software) but the quality is low. Is there any possibility to activate a global antialiasing (by rendering into a large image buffer and then downscaling the result so that it fits into the target screen). I've read somewhere that antialiasing should work for text rendering but it doesn't seem to work here.

Thank you for helping.


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