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[Gnash] Gnash Logo

From: braydon fuller
Subject: [Gnash] Gnash Logo
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 04:30:56 -0700
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We, myself and a friend, would like to volunteer a logo for the Gnash project.

We would like to submit a few options for the team to choose which they would like to represent the project.

When I was meeting with a friend of mine and talking about the project, one of his questions was, if there is a free flash player, is there a free flash editor? And how does one create animations, movies? I didn't know the answer, and my logic was that the Gnash player could also become an editor, once it had full support of the swf format.

Please let us know if the developers of Gnash are interested in a mark to represent the project. The portfolio of the designer I would like to work on the project is available here:

Braydon Fuller
freelance designer/developer
323 841 0048 mobile

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