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[Gnash] Report from CCC / 24C3

From: Markus Gothe
Subject: [Gnash] Report from CCC / 24C3
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 07:04:57 +0100

It was a nice happening, all the c-base are belong to I ;)

What concerned me was the "DNS Rebinding 'bug'" demonstrated by Dan Kaminsky, whom I am waiting for further info on how to avoid it (and why it works with Adobe Flash player). He has been working with Adobe on this and I asked him about gnash, but he hadn't tried it out. Also he was the only speaker AFAIK who *really* missed Rob's attendance.

Issue number two, the OLPC guys from Austria had no idea about what gnash is and how the web-browser in the OLPC is built upon Gecko and is able to run gnash.

The german "No software patent" / FLOSS propaganda-guys didn't knew about gnash either. However I enlightened them and told them to advise the use of it.

The weather was so terrible I couldn't wear a certain t-shirt and the OpenBSD guys was lost in their own scope on talking about BSD-/GPL- licensing issues rather than showing any interest in gnash (sorry Deanna ;)).

What interested me was that approx. 40% of the participants were using Mac/OS X. However my spare-time to fix the OS X building and implementing the Aqua-GUI afterwards went straight to hell, because I had to move twice within 5 days.

Well, I'm glad to be back in my own apartment and working 10-12h/day since this monday + the extra 4 days of traveling in business a month... Or am I? :-/ To get to the point: When things are sorted out in the project I manage (aka the-crash-and-burn-out-project, not kidding), I'll cut some slack (which includes hacking on gnash ofc).

After all this is a zero-sum game and Adobe is on the down hill... Let 2008 be the year we make the big breakthrough.

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