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[Gnash] 0.8.2 status

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash] 0.8.2 status
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 19:10:31 +0100

An update for the 0.8.2 finalization process.

Release date was shifted to end of Jan 2008 as holidays got
in the middle.

Changes since 0.8.1 and roadmap for closeup are here:

Most notable left overs are:

 - Stabilize video playback
   Bjacques should be working on this, news ?

 - Review and update user manual
   I think I'll take a look here

 - Fix blocker to security bugs
   Help from the community to fill the list on
   savannah would be nice: would be build issues,
   assertion failures, crashes. Threading issues
   would most likely all be in the video playback
   as of point one.

Also, it seems we'd need a poll to decide where we want
the default install to put kde and mozilla plugins, and
whether --prefix should change it or not.

In current head, --prefix doesn't change plugin install dirs,
kparts is by default system-wide and npapi is by default user-only. 
Kde files can be re-prefixed all using --with-kde-pluginprefix and
mozilla files can be re-prefixed using --with-plugindir.
For kde we extract the system-wide prefix using kde-config, for mozilla
I wouldn't know how (but the common place is /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins).


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