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[Gnash] Missing Mozilla Plugin

From: Esben Stien
Subject: [Gnash] Missing Mozilla Plugin
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 07:15:14 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.1006 (Gnus v5.10.6) Emacs/22.0.92 (gnu/linux)

I just installed gnash BZR and it seems to play swf files fine, using
gnash <file>.

It said in the installation instructions that it would place the
mozilla plugin in ~/.mozilla/plugins, but nothing new has been put

I also have no ~/.firefox directory.

I configured like this: 

 ./configure --enable-gui=gtk --with-agg-incl=/home/b0ef/.pkg/agg-2.5/include 

Anything special I need to do, to build and install this plugin?.

Exactly what files are supposed to be placed in ~/.mozilla/plugins?

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