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Re: [Gnash] Fwd: Question about Gnash

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash] Fwd: Question about Gnash
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2010 07:57:18 -0700
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On 01/22/10 00:53, Aaron Whitehouse wrote:
> Rob Savoye wrote:
>>   In the future, yes. There is work being done to integrate support for
>> hardware video decoding, although I doubt it'll be in the upcoming
>> release. When this is complete, 1080p videos should work fine. Gnash can
>> play 1080p video now, it's just that it has to be decoded in software,
>> which causes the obvious performance problems.

  Just for grins, I merged the video decoding patch into trunk, and made
it a new 'hwaccel' branch. This supposedly works on Intel cards, AMD
with xvba, or Nvidia with vdpau. It doesn't work with nouveau at all,
and is likely to segfault if you don't have the right hardware. This
also currently only works with ffmpeg and OpenGL.

  This code needs to be heavily refactored to be a more generic API that
supports AGG and OpenGL, plus it needs to handle error conditions
better. I know I don't have time to work on this, but figured if I got
into a new branch, maybe somebody else could.

        - rob -

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