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Re: [Gneuralnetwork] Adding a build target?

From: Ray Dillinger
Subject: Re: [Gneuralnetwork] Adding a build target?
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2016 21:38:11 -0700
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Okay, I finally figured out how to make it acknowledge and attempt to
build a second executable target.  Edits in to tell it
where to find a 'main' for the new build target, and in src/
to tell it what source files to use to build everything else.  Which is
simple, but I spent most of today trying wrong things and chasing
through documentation which resolutely refused to mention anything about
building two different executables in the same project, so it didn't
seem simple until I got to the end.

With all the bits placed in what seem like the most appropriate files,
I now need to debug a little bit more (linking, visibility, etc).  So
I'm on the home stretch, but I'm tired now, so I'm calling a halt for today.

There'll be a new build target and a new source file which holds its
main routine.  Otherwise the build will be from the same source and
header files.

We need to name it.  Right now I'm torn between gnnet, nnet, and zorgo,
but I'm open to ideas if anyone else has one.

My working name has been 'gnetwork' but that's in use for a gaming
channel on youtube and some kind of musical somethingorother in New
Haven, and a G-network is mathematical queueing theory structure, and
somebody named 'griffin' has some kind of company that runs servers for
people, and ....

I considered 'gnn' by analogy to 'gcc', but that's evidently in use
already for Global News Network in the Philippines  and some kind of
soccer league in Niger, and some kind of defense or security force in
Chad, and there was a 'Geurilla News Network,' and an American website
run by O'Rielly and associates that got bought by AOL, and ...

I guess we *could* use either of those; they're not in use for anything
in the AI/Neural network space, and the use of each of those names for
something else is not ubiquitous or widespread in most countries.

'gnnet' and 'nnet' are 'logical' names that are short, transparent, easy
to type, and don't appear to be in use for much yet.  Of the two I think
I like 'nnet' better.

'zorgo' was the retrophrenologist in Terry Pratchett's books, who
reasoned that since the shape of people's heads was a good predictor of
their mental capabilities and disposition (phrenology), changing the
shape of their heads with a hammer would be a perfectly reasonable way
of bringing about changes in their intellect or attitudes
(retrophrenology).  It turns out that retrophrenology is far more
reliable than regular phrenology.

So, logical or humorous?  Anybody have preferences?  Or other ideas?


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