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Re: [gNewSense-users] Is Fedora 100% free software? If so, how does it d

From: jeff
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Is Fedora 100% free software? If so, how does it differ from gNewSense?
Date: Mon, 06 Nov 2006 17:40:05 -0300
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Dave Crossland wrote:
On 06/11/06, jeff <address@hidden> wrote:

Fedora is actually far closer to the Free
Software model than most people realize...
And if it's not Free, it's a bug,
just like it is in gnewsense.

Wow. I didn't know this.

I'll look into Fedora :-)

Why is it not on the FSF page? I don't really understand "politics" as
an explanation. URLs as background reading would perfectly answer this
general query of mine :-)

Actually, it's funny that you mention this now because I just came across this rant by Warren Togami who was the founder of the Fedora Project before RedHat adopted it and employed him:

"Fedora Will Never Compromise: The Primary Goal of the Fedora Project:
Rapid Progress of Free & Open Source Software.


As long as I work on the Fedora Project, Fedora will never compromise on the essential liberties of FOSS nor will it betray the community. But the price of liberty is not free, nor is it comfortable. And unfortunately, some "leaders" of our community are willing to compromise liberty for short-term convenience. I am disgusted by people like this, and by Novell's betrayal of the community today.


And of course, none of us would be here defending FOSS if it were not for the Free Software Foundation."


P.S. I'm sorry I'm sounding like some fedora-zealot in this mailing-list so far. I'm really not! It's just I have a bit of knowledge about that distro and it's "freeness". :)

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