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Re: [gNewSense-users] Request for information for my review of gNewSense

From: Karl Goetz
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Request for information for my review of gNewSense
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 2006 13:32:15 +1030
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address@hidden wrote:
Hello bbrazil and ompaul (and anyone else who would like to help me)

Hi mate.
I'm not bbrazil or ompaul, but heres my understanding. they can clarify after i hope :)

I do reviews for various Linux distros on my website and
would like to ask a few questions of everyone so that I can put out
what the real goal of your distro is, since it mainly has the same
attributes/functions as many other Ubuntu based Linux systems. 1) What is your end goal with gNewSense?
A 100% FSF Free distribution.

2) I noticed you have FireFox included, does that mean you do not stand
behind the IceWeasel project and their issues with the FireFox Icon?

The codebase that is gns 1.0 is Ubuntu Dapper. this ships with Firefox. We are currently thrashing a bit on the list and on IRC over the topic of iceweasel. people want it in, but the maintainance overhead means that theres no mad rush to get it in.

3) What are the plans to support PCI (imbedded) Wireless cards for
laptop users?
If they run on Free software, they get support. If they run non-free software, they get no support. (non-free software includes non-free firmware)

4) With the recent announcement of Novell and several people indicating
that their new policy of "licensing" to MicroSoft is actually a
violation of GPL, what will gNewSense do in regards to supporting
Evolution, Gnome, and and other Novell based software packages not

"supporting" meaning 'shipping in the distribution'?
as far as i know, it will continue.

5) How do you feel about people adding proprietary or non-open source
packages to your distro in the future and is there any restriction in
your license restricted said practice?

We cant restrict the practice in licences - that's the beauty of the gpl. The offical line is (again afaik) we do not support people installing non-free, and will not assist them in this task. We wont however stop people setting up 3rd party repositories, because we cant. Personally, it seems odd to install a system for its freeness, then install non-free on it.

If you don't want to respond that is understandable, but it would really
help get your message out.

spreading the message aside, your questions are perfectly reasonable.

Thanks in advance and best wishes on your new project. Oh, anyway I can
get the graphics that you use on your gdm splash in on my desktop. I
love that pic.

One of the people in the know will have to tell you about the GDM image (its probably in an artwork package though).


KnoLinuxGuy (Kevin)

Karl Goetz
The buck stops there -> $
Australian Ubuntu users team -

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