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[gNewSense-users] gnewsense comes in the right moment

From: Vim Visual
Subject: [gNewSense-users] gnewsense comes in the right moment
Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:31:26 +0100

From "about":

"If you're like us, you probably do read encrypted DVDs  and listen to
MP3 songs. It is important to understand why these formats are indeed
"dirty" but since we'll end up adding them to our Ubuntu installation
anyway, we decided to give an option to lazy users."

... I am depressed... today I went to the ophthalmologist to do a
retinal tomography (I have glaucoma) and the guy showed me the
pictures and movies, which are very interesting. Have a look at this:

It's quite impressive, it's like a 3D scanner and you can see you eye
with a resolution of 1/1000 millimeter.

Then I asked the gut: Could it be possible to have a copy of the
movie? And he answered "Not really, because it's a superposition of
many pictures the machine made and you'd need the software/hardware
itself" I thought he was meaning that the format of the movie is
special and then I said "well, never mind, could I have a copy of the
pictures, so that I do the movie myself (with theora)?" And the answer
was quite disappointing: "No, the pictures belong to the manufacturer
and there's no way to know where they are saved in the machine"

You can imagine how I felt... it's not the movie itself, I would
probably watch it once or twice but if I pay for a tomography I would
like to know that that software is FREE. What if they are doing things
in the wrong way? What if there's a hidden bug waiting to fry
somebody's eye one of these days with the laser?

Linux mint goes in that direction...

Sorry, I had to tell this to somebody



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