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Fwd: [gNewSense-users] firefox in search of a solution revisited [long m

From: Janet Hawtin
Subject: Fwd: [gNewSense-users] firefox in search of a solution revisited [long mail]
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 13:44:37 +1030

On 11/20/06, MJ Ray <address@hidden> wrote:

RMS distinguishes bitstreams to determine which freedoms should apply.
That's very disappointing, but sadly typical of code hackers who don't
see their problems shared by sound hackers and image hackers
(actually, the current situation for sound is far worse than code in
many ways).  I may write more in reply to address@hidden's long essays when
I have more time, unless it's forbidden here.

I for one am finding thoughtful posts on this topic useful.
Clearly free is pretty topical here imho.
One part of me thought we should probably get some legal advice.
Another part of me realises that patents are a completely overlapping
and internally incoherent morass of bollox which will be impossible
for a lawyer ot predict the safe path through anyway.

Picking a safe license(s) for all aspects of the work is important
because its our statement about what we are aiming to do here.
I'm a graphic designer and not a coder so I'm interested in the CC/GPL
My feeling is that at this point in time GPL is a safe choice.
Creative commons is an interesting way to license projects I have done
as an individual
but I feel that for designs which serve in a distributed project the
GPL licenses cover the bases more fully at this time. I am not a
lawyer. I will be looking at the CCv3 licenses with interest.

My vote at this time would be for including GPL only.
Linking to CCSA desktop stuff for people to download themselves would be fine.
I think the deciding factor for me is that the GPL clearly identifies
the anomaly in the MSNovell situation and that I do not think that the
CCSA license provides the same defence.

For what its worth I think both sets of licenses have value, and that
we are working within a changing context where it will be difficult to
anticipate a safe license it is good to have both Lessig and
RMS/Moglen working on our freedoms.


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