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(clarification) Re: [gNewSense-users] can't get root

From: Paul O'Malley
Subject: (clarification) Re: [gNewSense-users] can't get root
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2007 21:59:34 +0000
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Paul O'Malley wrote:
> Bill McConnaughey wrote:
>> I installed gNewSense 1.0 without apparent problems.  But I can't log in 
>> as root.  Should I have given "root" when it asked for a user name during 
>> the installation?  What can I do about it now?
> you don't need root
> you need to use sudo for the likes of apt-get so sudo apt-get install
> package name
sudo command-line-in-a-terminal
> and
> gksu graphical_application
again running this in a terminal, however with a view to the application
 running in X
> if you need to be root and you really should do
> sudo -i
> there are very few reasons for needing to be root ever
> the password is the password of the first user
the password sudo is asking for is the password of the first user
if more than one user is to be granted sudo access that can be done in
the advanced tab setting up the subsequent users
>> I did the installation on one system and then tried to connect the hard
>> disk to an older machine.  I got Grub error 18 (selected cylinder exceeds
>> the maximum supported by bios).  Is it possible to do an installation on
>> that machine?
> no idea - perhaps telling us the chip type size and speed  and disk size
> and type we might get some ideas
>> On my first attempt to install, on a 2.1 GB disk, it got 75% of the way 
>> there and **then** said the disk is full.  How about putting a little file 
>> about minimum system requirements in your download directory?  Also, the 
>> first CD that I burned would get half-way through installation and then 
>> hang.  It turned out there was a bad sector.  A diagnostic would have been 
>> nice.
> 2.1G is a little ambitious for a full desktop distro in 2007
> .. please make a bug report on the web site of what you would like.
> It is supposed to work with: 256 megabytes ram and 3 gigabytes of hard
> drive space, for a usable system then a P3 500 would be useful.
more ram and bigger processors make it more fun to run
> We are based on dapper so its figures apply more or less.
> Bad sector where?
> If it was on the CD, nothing we can do about that. Please look at our
> site and for the reasons we choose to start where we did.
> Diagnostic what?


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