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Re: [gNewSense-users] Points about new CDs

From: rek2 GNU/Linux LO LO LO
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Points about new CDs
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2007 15:18:13 -0500
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Guy Johnston wrote:
I've tried out the two new live CDs, and I think they're really good,
particularly the addition of USplash, and the default colours and new
install icon in KDE. Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed to them.

However, the default colours don't seem to be a saved colour scheme in
the KDE settings, so when you change to colours, you can't change back
automatically. One of the 'kgnewsense' schemes is the same as the
default colours, except the text is green and hard to read. Also, in
GNOME, the Tango and Tangerine icon sets still have the Ubuntu logo on
the applicatins menu. I hope that can be changed easily, because those
are my two favourite sets after the Human icons.

Please about the colours scheme please report a bug, this is a typo of mine that I miss when I set up the colors .

I'm also not a big fan of the more fancy font used on the 'E' in the
gNewSense-KDE logo. I think it'd look better if the whole word 'KDE'
used that font, or if it was just the 'g' at the beginning, as in the
standard gNewSense logo.

sorry I guess that taste is something people is never going to agree 100% :-)
Another very minor point is that if you log out in the KDE CD, the
username space in KDM is blank, so if someone doesn't know the username,
they might have trouble logging in. I think it'd be helpful if that can
be made more like the login in the GNOME live CD, which is really easy.

thanks for pointing this out, even do you may agree this is not a big issue, is worth adding. about the way KDM have it's login screen, if you read builder you will find out most of the reasons why we try to keep the original format, kubuntu login is way different as the ubuntu one for this when we migrate packages this is also the case for now, in the future we may create our own packages with our themes, if we have enough community developers working with gNewSense, then we can go crazy trying to do our own thing instead of just cleaning K/Ubuntu, for now we have to work with what we have and the main focus is to have a Free system.

this brings me to another topic and since I have a break at work I will take the occasion... I will like to inspire some of you to join us to make not only a free system but also a system that feels good to each of us in our heart and in our mind, technically and artistically, we have made big progress, Brian and Paul have done an huge job bringing us a system for us to pick up and move forward with it, in general this is looking very good, I have meet new people, and I feel I am collaborating for once in a project that is worth the hard work, if you are one of those that think that it can't help you may be wrong there are so many ways to help a project and a Idea... everyone is good at something, just speak up and tell us what is you do or wish to do, I see almost no comments around the general forums, some help trying to reach out to the community will be really good, post the 1.1 announcement on Slashdot, Barrapunto and other tech news sites... I think you guys get the idea.

Thanks to everyone and big thanks to Brian and Paul.
Christian Fernandez

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