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Re: [gNewSense-users] newbie question about upgrading gNewSense

From: Karl Goetz
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] newbie question about upgrading gNewSense
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 00:53:57 +1030
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andrei raevsky wrote:
Greetings friends,
Hi mate.

I am a newbie to the world of gNewSense and Ubuntu, so I will risk a rather primitive question here:

Should I upgrade from gNewSense 1.0 to gNewSense 1.1 and, if yes, how exactly?
"should"? depends. The distribution has been made freer, and (i believe) the install cd has the last few months worth of updates. Unless your having real issues with 1.0 theres probably no burning need to update.

This is what I mean:

I have only a (bad) dial-up connection so downloading hundereds of megs of packages is not a good option for me. I did it the first time to install the updates to gNewSense 1.0 and it took me TWO DAYS :-(
Expect something similar :-/

I suppose that I can get a friend to get me the gNewSense 1.1 iso and update my installation, but since I am new to Ubuntu -like upgrades, what will that do to my configuration, home directory, etc.? Brian wrote that I can update, but can I do this without using my phone at all, only with the gNewSense 1.1 CD? Or will I have to re-update another 100-200 MB of packages by dial-up download?
an update using gnewsense/ubuntu/debian should *never* touch the files in your home directory. As for the actual update, its just like a normal update (system -> administration -> update manager).

I am very happy with my current gNewSense 1.0 install (-: I even like the "dirty elephants" splashsreen :-) so I rather wait for, say, a version 2.1 of gNewSense before updating, but will I be able to do so from 1.0 to, say, 2.1 *without* all the intermediate steps of the versions in between?
Depends what version 2 winds up being. However, i don't think you should bank on it any time soon :) (my understanding is we wont do a 2.x release until ubuntu do their next LTS).

From the press release, the difference between 1.0 and 1.1 is not huge. Can I wait or must I update version by version to keep things smooth?
Both should work.

Sorry for the dumb-newbie basic question, but having only one 500MHz machine on dial-up makes one wary of doing something silly...
i understand :-/, dial up hurts.

Many thanks,


Did you check our FAQ(s)? some of your questions might be answered there. let me know if they are/arnt!

Karl Goetz
User of gNewSense: Free as in Freedom -
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