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Re: [gNewSense-users] [Off Topic] Will you be getting Microsoft Vista?

From: pau
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] [Off Topic] Will you be getting Microsoft Vista?
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 15:17:18 -0000 (UTC)
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what I don't understand, apart from all this conversation, is why people
are still using mpg/avi etc...

Some people in Gemany, in HD, are filming a series of lectures and putting
them in the internet to download. The bad point is that they are full
files (mpg) and do not have a streaming option. The warn you about the
size of the files and seemingly they are having problems with the apache
server because of that.

Anyway, just out of curiousity I downloaded one of these files, which is
3.9 GB (!!) and converted it into an ogg movie with ffmpeg2theora tool and
after a while (taking into consideration the size of the file) I got an
ogg movie as small as 394MB. When I saw it I thought "gosh, something's
gone very wrong, it's not finished or the quality is going to be horrible"
But guess what... the quality (image and sound) was AS GOOD as in the mpg
That's a factor 10 for you! ("plus" freedom)



PS: I've changed from googlemail to ippimail and recommend those of you
who are still using google to do the same:
BTW I am using now clusty to search on the web and I must say I prefer it
to google... it's not that intelligent: i.e. doesn't IP-filter the
results, which is wonderful because google was always giving me results
based on my location

| Max Moritz Sievers wrote:
|> Michael Fötsch wrote:
|>> MJ Ray <address@hidden> wrote:
|>>> You might also like to remind them that you dislike the BBC's Windows
|>>> encouragements like WMP, Real and its iMP.  Support Ogg Theora!
|>> On a similar note, I recently wrote to MIT OpenCourseWare about the
|>> same
|>> issue. In their response, they cited a survey that was conducted among
|>> MIT OCW users, which is available here:
|> This document was written in MS Word, produced with Acrobat Distiller
|> for
|> Macintosh and created with cgpdftops CUPS filter.
|>> Maybe some of you are interested in this, as it shows which formats are
|>> most
|>> popular these days (sadly, it's not Ogg Theora). They surveyed 500
|>> people and these were their preferred formats (PDF page 53):
|>> Format         Streaming Downloading
|>> RealPlayer            46.9%         39.2%
|>> Windows Media         22.9%         23.8%
|>> MPEG                  10.7%         16.1%
|>> AVI                    5.7%         10.4%
|>> Quicktime              8.9%          7.4%
|>> Other                 4.9%           3.7%
|>> No surprise given 93.4% of visitors are Windows users and only 2.6% use
|>> a
|>> kernel called Linux (PDF page 26)
|>> It seems it'll be a long way until open formats are as widespread...
|>> :-(
|> I don't know if is it really a good thing but it is true: You can play
|> and
|> create Ogg Theora on Windows and Mac OS. If these authorities like the
|> BBC or
|> the EU would just only provide Ogg Theora videos this format and codec
|> would
|> be known by much more people. Then someone shoots a new Paris Hilton
|> video
|> and encodes it exclusively in Ogg Theora and very soon most people will
|> be
|> able to play it.
| That is a good thing. If open and patent-free formats become more
| popular with proprietary software, that means they're more likely to be
| available for everyone, which benefits users of free software. That's
| why Richard Stallman approved the use of a non-copyleft licence for the
| encoders for the codecs.
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