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Re: [gNewSense-users] Debian User. Is there a need to move to gNS?

From: andrei raevsky
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Debian User. Is there a need to move to gNS?
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 18:16:36 -0500

It depends what you mean by 'compelling'.

As a long-time happy Debian user myself (I still use Debian on my 2nd
machine) I see many advantages to gNewSense.  Think of it like a 100%
free Ubuntu.  Let me say here that I was not thrilled by the entire
Ubunutu thing, but now that it is there I have to admit that it has a
number of features (notice: I did *not* say 'advantages) compared to

1) a much better installer for x86
2) a regular and easy updates
3) release regular 6 months release schedule
4) a newbie-friendly & polished feel to it
5) Ubuntu/gNewSense is more stable than Sid (and probably on par with
'stable').  It is, for sure, more stable than Kanotix.

Ubuntu also has, in my mind, a number of drawbacks, the main one is
the use of non-free stuff and that problem is totally removed with

Of course, the main reason to use gNewSense is that it is 100% free,
INCLUDING THE REPOS AND KERNEL, which is not the case with Debian, at
least less so than with gNewSense (in particular in regards to the

This might be an individual thing, but for me it was an absolutely
wonderful feeling to have a 100% free system.  Of course, 99.9% is
good also, but to actually see and use daily something which is really
totally free is just the most rewarding thing for me.  It totally
proves how little is gained with proprietary stuff or, how little is
missing from free software (-: Heck - the gNewSense repos also have
18000+ packages so the full thing would also be 2 DVDs or 14 CDs :-)

Try it out and see for yourself.  I fell in love with gNewSense, but
love, I suppose, cannot be really explained, only felt ;-)

Good luck,


On 2/11/07, Raghu Kodali <address@hidden> wrote:

   I am a Debian Etch user. I have only main in my sources.list & I did
not install anything from contrib etc.

I am not very much bothored about using the latest versions of the
software. Debian testing is fine for me.

I like Free (as in freedom) Software. I am pretty sure that I do not
have any non free (as in freedom) software installed.

Is there any compelling reason why I should be shifting to gNS?


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