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Re: [gNewSense-users] I did something stupid - root password locked :-(

From: andrei raevsky
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] I did something stupid - root password locked :-(
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2007 08:37:34 -0500

Dear friends,

Dennis and Karl:

Nope, I did not do that as I was not aware of this option.  I never
used Ubuntu in the past, I only used Debian and then added gNewSense
to (most) of my computers.  Thanks a lot for the tip.  Since my friend
is a total newbie to GNU/Linux, instead of giving him back root access
I was thinking of just doing 'passwd' in the root shell and create a
password for myself on his machine.  From the Ubuntu doc Michael
pointed out to me I get that while this might not be the most
convenient thing for him right now (as soon as he is more comfortable
I will give him the admin rights back) it is easier for me to keep an
eye on what he will be doing.  That would not be a problem, right?


Thanks for the link to the Ubuntu doc.  This sudo thing is new to me,
but it seems to make sense, in particular that some stuff still seems
needs a root password (like stopping or killing a process).


Why should I copy the password hash and not just simply delete the
password as I did (which obviously did not work - but I wonder why it
did not)?



On 2/21/07, Karl Goetz <address@hidden> wrote:
andrei raevsky wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed gNewSense on a friend's computer.  The Ubuntu
> installer asks for the creation of a user with root-type admin access.
> I created that account under my friend's name, then when I wanted to
> create another account for his brother I realized that my friend would
> have full admin access.  So I used his account to create another
> account for his brother and then I took away my friend's admin
> privileges.

Try rebooting in rescue mode (hit escape when grub is booting). it
should boot directly into a root shell, where you can type `adduser
friendlogin admin`

Karl Goetz
User of gNewSense: Free as in Freedom -
Australian Ubuntu users team -
User of Debian, The Universal Operating System -

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