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[gNewSense-users] gNewSense Packaging Policy

From: Kevin M. Dean
Subject: [gNewSense-users] gNewSense Packaging Policy
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 09:36:42 -0500
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Firstly, this is my first submission to the list, forgive (and correct
me) if I err.

Secondly, has there been any discussion about the gNewSense packaging

Specifically, who is able to make a package? Are there specific steps
someone must go through to be a maintainer (like Debian's highly
structurized system) or is it more community oriented like Nexenta
GNU/OpenSolaris has in place?

Also, what packages are acceptable for gNewSense? I'm assuming minor
variations to anything in Dapper is welcome (such as artwork changes),
but is there yet official policy on non-Dapper packages? For instance,
Gnash is a Free software Flash plugin and player that is in the Debian
Sid repos, but is NOT in Dapper, would this package be a good candidate
for inclusion into gNewSense? Or the Enlightenment DR17 desktop shell.
It is not in Ubuntu or Debian at all, but is Free Software and has a
vibrant and active development cycle and is quite stable. Would such
packages stand a chance at inclusion into the gNewSense repos?

The next set of questions ties into the above, I suppose. How much
deviation from Ubuntu are we going for? Is the goal of gNewSense to be a
 Free Software clone of Ubuntu/Kubuntu, or is it to make a good distro
out of Free Software, using Ubuntu as a base?

Would deviations from Ubuntu defaults be considered, or would they
merely be rejected? Should we, in making packages, help gNewSense
develop it's own identity, or stick to the familiar Ubuntu?

- -Kevin Dean
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