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Re: [gNewSense-users] Show us the Code?

From: Kevin M. Dean
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Show us the Code?
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 08:07:48 -0500
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What does that mean?  You don't think global warming is occuring?

 This is a long answer and really irrelevant to the mailing list, I'll
explain my opinions further off the list if you're actually interested.
The short answer is "No, not really".

I hope you still agree smoking causes health problems.

 The answer here is a bit off topic too, and the same invitation for
discussion exists. The short answer: Yeah, it's unhealthy for smokers, I
disagree with _how_ unhealthy it is, and if it has health impacts for so
called "secondhand smokers".

Yes, but Apple isn't using FUD to try to intimidate GNU/Linux users.

 I understand the rationale, but I consider it largely irrelevant, they
hold software patents that CAN be used. In comparison, MS rattling their
chains doesn't really affect anything either. This is my personal
experience speaking, which may be off, but I've not yet heard a single
person, desktop or enterprise, cite "IP" as an issue for not adopting
Linux. The reasons for desktop users typically hinge on ease-of-use, and
in enterprise situations, typically ease (and cost) of administration.

The truth is, a GNU/Linux distribution probably *does* infringe patents
held by Microsoft. The problem is that in countries like the US, those
patents are _so_ broad that it's impossible to have a functional
computer without them. Companies that hold patents this broad fear suing
for that reason, the "wrong" judge might invalidate the patent for being
so obvious. What these do then, is serve _only_ to create FUD; I think
responding to it really fuels it.

While gNewSense is a GNU/Linux distribution, I think it important to
note that by standing for Free Software, we're not just protecting
GNU/Linux, but *BSD, ReactOS and any other Free Software operating system.

In a world where we are confidant in the legitimacy of what we use, a
simple "STFU" to FUD-makers is more than enough. Honestly, I kind of
look forward to the day MS actually sues a Linux distributor. Either
they'll win or lose, either way they'll have to shut up. And I'm sure
they'll lose.

Both are proprietary, but only one is making infringement claims.

 Personally, I feel that the claims are useless. And in some ways, I
feel that you've made my point for me. By responding to a single company
or a single action, it shifts focus from the core values that make us
opposed to that action.

I really don't see a difference between Apple and Microsoft; regardless
of how they do it, both have very clearly opposed user freedom.

They are not mutually exclusive.

 Yeah, you're probably right. :D While I think it is important for us as
users to stand up against companies, I think gNewSense as a distro
should not, for the reasons above.

I don't like Microsoft at all, and I am opposed to their gripes, and the
laws and foundation that allow their gripes to hold theoretical weight.
 But at the same time, I'm not a Microsoft basher. There was a saying I
heard once that "Linux users use Linux because they hate Microsoft. BSD
Users use BSD because they love Unix." I oppose companies that insist on
non-Free software; Microsoft is merely one company doing so, I don't
give them any special weight. *Every company* holding software patents
is a potential (and potentially crippling) threat to Free Software.

I think I'm done ranting now. :D

- -Kevin

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Kevin M. Dean wrote:
>> Ringo, I'm sure your intent with that was good, but I kind of find it
>> ironic you picked both global warming and smoking. I disagree with the
>> concept of global warming.
> What does that mean?  You don't think global warming is occuring?
>  Up until 3 weeks ago, I was also a smoker.
> I hope you still agree smoking causes health problems.
>> Apple's Mac OS X is *just* as restrictive as the Microsoft EULA. Apple
>> probably holds as many "software patents" as Microsoft does.
> Yes, but Apple isn't using FUD to try to intimidate GNU/Linux users.
> When's the last time you heard them say GNU/Linux infringed their "IP".
>  That's the difference.
>> to *everyone* meeting those circumstances, we not only look like
>> hypocrits, but we're also damaging our own mission.
> The circumstances are not the same.  Both are proprietary, but only one
> is making infringement claims.
>> I personally think our collective energy would be better spent educating
>> people as to why broad patents are a problem, rather than worrying about
>> Microsoft's (or any one company's) misuse of them.
> They are not mutually exclusive.
> Matthew Flaschen
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