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[gNewSense-users] helping out - trying

From: Dean
Subject: [gNewSense-users] helping out - trying
Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 13:55:58 -0500

Hey all!

I just wanted to say that I would love to help out a bit more. I have a fair 
amount of free time on my hands. I do not have good coding skills and would be 
embarassed to attempt very much using those limited skills. Otherwise - 
anything pretty much goes. I am not opposed to learning some skills to help out 
but it cannot be something overly complex because I do not have large blocks of 
time to dedicate to learning but I do have some free time here and there.

I would like to say that I personally need a bit more direction than "go get 
'em". Some idea of direction, basic idea of method, and so forth. I have been 
married for half of my life so I am afraid I do not have much initiative left 
in me anymore but I am use to being bossed around a lot! :)

I feel silly writing this email and even more silly sending it. But anyway.

I thought about a Iced-gNewSense using icewm maybe?

Still thinking about a installer project, too.

Here is the notsosimple wiki skin I was playing with a little.
I am not sure what all should be coded in the skin and what is coded in the 
configs so it is basically just a logo insertion in the skin and some header 
words removed. You can download the modded skin at

Thanks for all the hard work!

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