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Re: [gNewSense-users] Email address for Linus Torvalds?

From: Kevin M. Dean
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] Email address for Linus Torvalds?
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 23:46:44 -0400
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Linus has an ego? Hrm. We'll, it's a good thing our figurehead, Richard
Stallman isn't a nutcase.

Oh... Wait...

As to being apolitical, it's not possible. Inaction causes ripples just
as great a actions. He might go on saying he's against it, but at the
end of the day, he does nothing but make the most popular Free Software
kernel better.

I don't agree with Richard Stallman about everything, and there are
Linux kernel developers who don't care what Linus thinks. Linux is Free
Software, even if it wasn't created to be. Neither was the Solaris
kernel, or Java.

As to why he began writing the kernel in the first place, or how well it
worked out for him... Well, Eben Moglen has made a nice profit out of
his name. I don't think going somethign for fame, or status, or money or
some really cute girl are bad things. It's when you begin walking over
and taking advantage of people that the pursuit of those things becomes
a problem.

So far, Linus has been very blunt about his views, and until very
recently they've been more about technical implication that political
motivation. Perhaps he just had a bad week. ;)

Anyway, it's the voice of the million little people that matter more
than the shouts of one man.

Matthew Flaschen wrote:
> Josh Martens wrote:
>> Ha good luck, Linus knows exactly what he's doing, he's got an ego the size 
>> of a mountain.
> I don't really think so.
>> He doesn't seem to agree with the ideals of GNU, and stupidyl calls himself 
>> apolitical, which means taking a political stance against GNU 
>> type idealists.
> Basically right.
>> The only reason he does Free software is because it worked out for him and 
>> made him a lot of money, if that hadn't happened he would have no
>> problem writing proprietary software.
> I believe he did write proprietary software at Transmeta, which was well
> into Linux development.  That said, while he doesn't believe in free
> software, he has nonetheless made a great contribution to it.  Also, I
> don't see how he could possibly have had a profit motivation in starting
> Linux.
> Matt Flaschen
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