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[gNewSense-users] really basic quesiton on gNewSense updates

From: andrei raevsky
Subject: [gNewSense-users] really basic quesiton on gNewSense updates
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 09:47:01 -0400

Hi friends,

Being a newbie to the Ubuntu/gNewSense world, I have a really basic question about the regular software updates:

How are they organized?  Does the software updater offer me to download all the updates to all the packages of the full distro (in which case I would have to assume that I would have to know each and every package I have or not and then check the ones I need and uncheck the others) or does it check for the packages installed on my machine and then offer to download and update only those which I actually have.

I assume its the latter, but recently I saw packages for upgrade listed in the upgrades manager which I did not recognize, so I rather check.

(Since  have only dial-up it matters a great deal to me whether I should install all the packages listed or not)



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