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Re: [gNewSense-users] gNewSense based on Feisty

From: rek2GNU/Linux
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] gNewSense based on Feisty
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 09:48:03 -0400
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Ok, shoot me and email when you are ready.

Chris Fernandez.

Alejandro Serrano escribió:
I would prefer you to wait a bit. Maybe I can suggest you to start
creating the mirror with debmirror, because in my case it took me
several days...


rek2GNU/Linux escribió:
OK, I am at the moment running Feisty in another of my laptops, I been
following them for 2-3 months in the development,
and I think we could do this in parts or at the same time is up to
you..I think in my opinion that to  make your part work first will be
easier for me so I have something to build against like when Brian did
with Dapper, so I can pick up the gen-kgnewsense scripts and modify for feisty.. what do you think? or if you prefer I can just start
hacking now.. I'm open to suggestions.

Christian Fernandez

Alejandro Serrano escribió:
Sure I'll need it. The work I've been doing is just the scratch.
However, the KDE part of Feisty seems to be very similar to the one in
Dapper. In Gnome, there are sooo many changes (for example, artwork has
been split in several packages for screensavers, icons...)
My idea would be to upload the code in the repository once I confirm it
works, if the mantainers of gNewSense agree, and then everybody could
make its part. As for now, we could start looking at which packages
should be removed from "main" repository (I've removed hwdb,
hwdb-client-gnome, hwdb-client-kde, popularity-contest...)

Thanks in advance for the help,

rek2GNU/Linux escribió:
what about the KDE part I did? do you need me to help you with that?

let me know I will be willing to put some work on this since I do will
like t orun feisty myself..

Chris F.

Josh Martens wrote:
Oh man, if we can get a Fiesty based gNewSense I'd be so happy, as
I'm sure the majority of the community would be.

This would be awesome!!!!


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